Here Is Why One Punch Man May Be One Of The Best Anime Ever

My spouse and i hadn't thought I would start watching anime again before someone recommended A single Punch Man to myself. Some of my local friends were crazy about it and i also was simply inquisitive to find out why. But once I watched the first episode, I used to be hooked! And now I… Continue reading Here Is Why One Punch Man May Be One Of The Best Anime Ever

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Organizing an anime convention

An anime convention is any fan’s dream of attending. The event is full of activities designed to capture the unique interest of each attendee. There surely is no dull moment in this event because every fan can do something he or she is really interested in. The activities in an anime convention include the following:… Continue reading Organizing an anime convention

Anime Conventions

Games we love from Japan

Japan had contributed a lot in each person’s childhood, today. From anime, manga, and games we all had the chance to immerse in Japanese culture through these products. Japanese games, in particular, had been a part of each family’s entertainment set. To start the list, we will begin with Pacman. This arcade game was released… Continue reading Games we love from Japan

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Animated shows for a beginner

If you love animated shows and movie, then anime suits you. Anime is defined as a computer animation of drawn material; however, this definition widely adopts those works from Japan. Very similar to those animated videos and tv set shows made in the west, cartoons explores universal themes relatable to anyone encompassing age group, sex,… Continue reading Animated shows for a beginner

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Kinds of Sexual Harassment

Contrary to most people’s idea, sexual harassment is not just physically done.  There are many ways in which one can be sexually harassed. You are probably unaware of the sexual harassment you are experiencing, the circumstances differ but you feel the same emotions as the victims. Despite the many progressive laws passed in most countries… Continue reading Kinds of Sexual Harassment