Here Is Why One Punch Man May Be One Of The Best Anime Ever

My spouse and i hadn’t thought I would start watching anime again before someone recommended A single Punch Man to myself. Some of my local friends were crazy about it and i also was simply inquisitive to find out why. But once I watched the first episode, I used to be hooked! And now I feel that I ought to recommend it to all of you. Little or old, you will discover something to enjoy in it for all.

The Premise:

Welcome to a brand new earth! Here things roam around freely, competing with the human world to rule the world. Responding to the creature threat, some humans came together to form a superhero organization whose main objective is to segregate the heroes according to class and rank also to send them in in line with the level of threat reported.




Enter Saitama. A man in his mid-20s living the average life. He tries to cut costs and is always on the lookout for another bargain sale. This individual washes his own clothes and cooks his own dinner. When he is free, he loves observing television set in the shorts. Basically, he is the quintessential bachelor.

But there is a very important factor which sets apart him from the slumber. He is a super-hero for fun!

Yes, that is how he features himself.

Life became so monotonous for him that he decided to work out. He chose to become so strong that this individual would be able to kill monsters with one punch.

Hence the subject of the anime – One Punch Man.

Along with his cyborg student Genos – who Saitama took in grudgingly – he goes around eliminating monsters, exclusively for kicks.


This kind of was the premise. Nevertheless here is where One particular Punch Man really sticks out:

The action sequences:

Rocket launchers, flame throwers, sword fighting, martial disciplines; One Punch Man has it all. And it is not simply a great deal of flash and “bang-bang” (move over Michael Bay). The animation may be light and minimalistic, but still you can feel the blow each time a punch is tossed. You wince each time the hero gets wounded. And wait till you observe the season finale. That episode really raises the bar for just about any action collection.


Even the background report builds up the anxiety and then simply blows up into a frenetic defeat which correctly complements the action whenever our main character faces off against a new adversary. As complexes get destroyed and flipped to rubble, the acoustic guitar in the background will take on a whole new level. Rather than staying there in the background, the background music actually boosts the effect a picture has on you.

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The genuine portrayal of characters:

Whilst it is an anime and has its light-hearted moments, it also shows that folks have shades of gray.

There exists Amai Mask, a class A superhero who uses his popularity for his own selfish purposes. There is Mumen Rider, a school C hero without having capabilities of his own apart from his will and devotion to helping the world.

There are heroes whoever rank matters more to them than their in order to the world. And there are some whose ego blinds those to the needs of the society.

The characters are certainly not shallow, one-dimensional people motivated only by an one motive in life. The creators should be applauded for giving depth to each character so that they stick even after you stop watching the show. That attribute is good for any storyline.



Saitama’s character itself should get a special mention. A hero who wanted to fight monsters for fun, his anguish is understandable when he can end the fight with one punch.

During an instance, he confesses his wish for a fan foundation of his own and joins the superhero company to register himself. Yet when, during a particular incident, the society itself ridicules the heroes for their failure, he requires the blame on him or her self to keep the believability of the others untarnished.

It doesn’t matter that the world he lives in doesn’t like him. Because he certainly has gained me over completely.


One Punch Man makes me personally live every moment during its run time. This makes me feel exhilarated when our hero is victorious and it saddens me personally when he fails when you get what he wanted. Whenever I wait in anticipations for the showdown between Saitama and his opponent, I feel my heart beat racing. There are incredibly few shows which enthrall you as One Punch Person does.



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